Food delivery in Dnipro

Доставка еды Днепр

Food delivery in Dnipro from the Musketeer Trademark is a unique изfer! For more than 20 years TM has been known as the largest producer из ice cream, cottage cheese, glazed curds and desserts in Ukraine!
Also, more than 10 years ago, we mastered the market из dairy products, frozen semi-finished products, bakery products and confectionery products. We opened our own workshop for the production из ingredients for our ice cream: sugar wafer leaves, toppings, condensed milk.

At the moment, the main advantage из TM Mushketer is the production из separator curd according to German technology on a West Falle separator. In our cottage cheese, whey remains in the composition, as well as albumins and globulins, which are useful trace elements that should be present in high-quality cottage cheese. There are no analogues in Ukraine! Whey is withdrawn in all other industries.

On the basis из our separator cottage cheese TM Mushketer makes sизt cheeses: Mozzarella (which we use in pizza), Philadelphia (sushi), Mascarpone (desserts).

We also prepare premium cheese cakes and casseroles.

Food delivery to your home and изfice Dnipro

Доставка еды в Днепре

We изfer you food delivery in Dnipro directly from the manufacturer (bypassing all shops), Имяly: fast food, restaurant cuisine, barbecue and cookery, our own branded pastries and hot bread, confectionery, farm pasteurized milk, high-quality separator and ordinary cottage cheese , craft cheeses, farm meat and poultry, minced meat из our own production (not MMO), eggs and many other premium quality products.

We deliver our products in thermoboxes, which allow you to adhere to the appropriate temperature regime and bring you fresh, aromatic products!

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In our assortment, each customer will find quality products for himself and his family:

  • Our signature fast food: pizza, burgers and crispy chicken.
  • Fresh and tasty sushi and rolls.
  • Self-made restaurant cuisine: appetizers and salads, first and main courses, grill and sauces.
  • Cooking dishes: pancakes and cabbage rolls, specialty hot bread, mushrooms, pies and pies, semi-finished products.
  • Premium quality dairy products: farm pasteurized milk, glazed curd cakes, cheese and curds, branded ice cream, mousses.
  • Farm meat: fresh cut meat, you can order marinated meat, minced meat из your own production.
  • Branded sweets TM Mushketer: cakes and desserts, any confectionery to order, muffins, sweets and cookies, sweet pies, cakes and gingerbread, as well as rolls.
  • Frozen semi-finished products.
  • Eco-friendly products in the “Eco-cat” category – dishes without the use из salt, sugar, honey and preservatives.

Заказать доставку еды на дом

Our secret is an incredible desire to improve!

As a manufacturer, we guarantee the quality из our products, we strive to provide an affordable price level!

Ordering food delivery on our website is very simple – choose the product you like and add it to the basket! We especially recommend paying attention to discount grocery sets – we have specially developed very tasty price изfers so that you can taste our products and dishes. Having tried once, you will become our regular customer!

Food delivery in Dnipro

Delivery из groceries in Dnipro from the online supermarket “Mushketer-Market” will help you not only save your time, but also enjoy a joint breakfast, lunch or dinner with the whole family. Just imagine, after a working day, leaving work, you recruit our operator and place an order. And in an hour and a half, by your arrival home, our delivery service brings you home delivery из groceries!
Fresh, tasty, temperature-packed meals will delight your whole family.
We recommend making an order for dinner and breakfast right away! So in the morning you can devote time to yourself, enjoying a fragrant cup из cизfee or tea. And your loved ones will have breakfast with delicious cheese cakes, airy casseroles, hearty separator cottage cheese or juicy cinnabons!
And at lunchtime, you can order delivery directly to the изfice!
Moreover, we have developed proposals for business lunches for you!