Buy meat in Dnipro
Buying fresh and high-quality meat in Dnipro is another quest, there are very few companies that know all the information about their Suppliers of the meat product!

And it doesn’t matter what kind of dishes you plan to use fresh meat in, whether it be barbecue, kebab, meat pie, burger patties or you want to cook rich borscht. In our online store “Musketeer” we deliver fresh meat – pork and chicken.

We accept your applications from 9:00 to 20:00 according to the work schedule (see our contact details).

We are confident in our suppliers, as we visited farms, checked the conditions of keeping, walking and feeding pigs and poultry.

We always buy a whole carcass and cut it ourselves. To exclude the possibility of injecting meat, we always inspect the skin for punctures and damage! You can always buy non-GMO meat from us.
Buy meat for barbecue
In the modern world, refrigerators and freezers greatly facilitate the safety of meat products, but we strive to sell you only fresh meat. You can buy fresh meat from us at a very tasty price, since we use meat every day in our production – that is why such a good price for high-quality non-injection meat is for you!

You can register on our website or just call the operator, you can take advantage of free delivery – ordering meat today and our delivery service will bring it the next day at the agreed time. Or pay for delivery depending on your area.

In our online store you can buy meat:


– pork (marinated shank, entrecote, collar shashlik)

– chicken (thigh, drumstick, wing, carcass and fillet);

Chopped up:

– pork (tenderloin, goulash, loin, shoulder blade, neck, brisket, undersheets, escalope, shank, hip)

– chicken (Tapaka chicken, factory chicken, farm chicken, thigh, drumstick, wing, fillet);

Ground meat:

– chicken

– pork and beef

– pork.
Buy fresh meat
Just a few clicks separate you from buying meat. Of course, we understand that most buyers want to buy meat with their own eyes, having previously evaluated its appearance and color, since there is a lot of expired and not fresh meat on the Dnipro market, which has been frozen, but is issued as fresh.

Our advantage is that every day at the production of TM “Musketeer” meat is used in various departments: for preparing restaurant dishes (the same perzola, baked shank, barbecue, pilaf, first courses), in the cooking department (stuffed cabbage, pancakes), in pizza , for minced meat, from which we make incredibly juicy cutlets for burgers, for making marinated meat for barbecue, for semi-finished products – dumplings, khinkali – and this is just a small list where we use meat.

Therefore, we say with confidence that you can buy the freshest, natural and delicious meat from us!
Buy cut meat
Our production provides an opportunity to buy both cut and marinated meat, as well as minced meat by weight. Our chefs select meat for you – carefully examining each order. By the way, our clients always report the excellent taste of our meat. Additionally, we draw your attention to the fact that we do not use MMO minced meat (we give all production waste and bones to our employees for feeding pets).

We invite you to buy meat in our online store.

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