Chicken thigh (1 kg.)

Buy chicken thigh

You can buy chicken thighs in the online supermarket of ready-made meals and products “Musketeer-Market”. In our market, you always receive delivery of only fresh products. We carefully select suppliers of meat products.
Before giving you the opportunity to buy chicken thigh, we checked many farms that provide farm natural chicken. For us, an important condition for cooperation was, is and always will be the absence of GMOs and antibiotics in feed, as well as non-injection – at no stage should farmers be injected with growth-accelerating chemical additives.
Therefore, our technologists and laboratory assistants personally visited each farm and selected trusted suppliers for you.
But we went further – we do not take the cut chicken. Since there is a risk of subcutaneous injections into the cut chicken parts. We buy a whole carcass from farmers – and we can check for holes in the skin from punctures ourselves. If there are punctures, we return the entire batch! We care about your health!
Our deboners carve the freshest chicken every day so you can get the freshest chicken thigh possible.
The Musketeer Market is a sign of quality, naturalness and freshness of products!


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