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Buy cut meat
You can buy cut meat right now at the Musketeer Market. We have prepared for you the opportunity to purchase the following categories of meat products:
pork tenderloin, pork goulash, pork loin, pork shoulder, pork neck, pork brisket, pork belly, Tapaka chicken, pork escalope, pork shank, pork hip, factory chicken, chicken drumstick, chicken wing, chicken fillet.

Every day, our trusted suppliers bring us meat carcasses, which our deboners cut themselves. We decided to take only whole carcasses, because this is the only way we can be confident in the quality of the product. We see the skin, monitor the presence of punctures for possible injections, we see the freshness of the meat product.
Our carcass butchering machines use professional knives, which make it easy to separate bones and required meat parts.
Buy chopped meat
You can buy sliced ​​meats such as pork goulash, or purchase pork loin or chicken for homemade cooking.
Immediately after cutting the meat, we distribute it to our workshops for further work:
– For the production of fresh natural minced meat – you can purchase chicken, pork and pork mince from us.
– For the preparation of marinated meat that you love so much.
– In the culinary department and restaurant for the preparation of the freshest meat dishes, such as chicken perzola, ojakhuri with pork, pilaf with beef, pork and beef sausages, cabbage rolls, branded pancakes, pork and beef dumplings and khinkali, and so on.
Also, you can buy fresh cut meat every day, which we store in special separate refrigerators for product groups.
We are responsible for the quality and freshness of our meat products!