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Order fresh bread delivery to your home
You can order fresh bread delivery to your home in the online supermarket of ready meals and products “Musketeer-Market”.
Technologists of TM Musketeer have developed unique recipes for breads, baguettes and ciabatta so that bakery products will delight you with freshness for several days. In the composition, we use only premium flour and natural ingredients, such as: spices, yeast or sourdough, vegetable oil or butter – depending on the recipe of a particular product.
Delivering fresh bread home is even cheaper than buying baked goods from bakery stores. In addition, we have a huge advantage – we bake all products personally at the request of each client! Therefore, you can indicate your wishes in the notes to the order, perhaps you want to bake bread without some component that does not play a role in the recipe – our technologists are happy to embody all the wishes of our customers!
Therefore, having made an order, you will not be delivered bread in 40 minutes, because they will specially knead the dough for you, give it a distance and put incredibly aromatic bread to bake. You will receive the freshest and hottest bread with delivery!
In addition, along the way with bread, you can always order our specialties, which will complement the TM Musketeer bread at the dinner table.
Please note that there is a daily bread delivery service. We accept orders from 8 am to 7 pm. The bread will be on your table within 2.5-3 hours – depending on the recipe!

We use proven and quality ingredients from our suppliers. According to the recipe, if necessary, we use farm milk, cottage cheese of our own production, craft cheeses.

Our range includes:
– Classic baguette (French)
– Bran baguette
– Lithuanian bread
– Wheat-rye bread
– Rye-wheat bread
– Ciabatta
– Ciabatta with bran and cheese
– Zebra Bread
– Wheat bread
– Grain and malt bread
– Onion bread
– Mediterranean bread
– Garlic roll

Bread cost is approximate. As a result, we will inform you of the total cost of the minimum portion of the finished product.

Thank you for your trust and choice of our online store of ready meals and products “Musketeer-market!