“Ciabatta” (cooking time 4 hours) (1 piece / 160)

“Ciabatta” is an Italian bread based on wheat sourdough.
At your request, Ciabatta can be prepared with hard cheese, olive oil, bran.

Ingredients: yeast dough, wheat sourdough.

The approximate weight of the finished product is 200-250 grams.

Coarse-pored pulp and crispy crust – that’s the specialty of ciabatta!
Do you think that Ciabatta can only be eaten as bread? But no! It is perfect for making bruschetta, various croutons, or served with a sauce.

The bread will be on your table in 4.5-5 hours after ordering thanks to our delivery service, the baking period of the product is 4 hours.
We draw attention to the shelf life – 3-4 days from the date of baking, but we recommend 24 hours.

The price is approximate. As a result, we will inform you of the total cost of the minimum portion of the finished product.

We are responsible for those we feed!


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