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Buy homemade cheesecakes in Dnipro
In the online supermarket Musketeer Market you can buy homemade cheesecakes in Dnipro.
In fact, syrniki is a rather whimsical dish. Here, not only the talent and skill of the cook is important, but also the quality of the cottage cheese plays a huge role. Most manufacturers sin by adding a lot of flour, semolina and sugar to the cheese pancakes. This is done in order to reduce the cost of production, since high-quality cottage cheese is very expensive.
Musketeer produces cream cheese pancakes from a mixture of 9% cottage cheese and 20% cottage cheese separator of its own production. You will not find flour in the cheese pancakes. Only cottage cheese, sugar, egg, vanillin and cream. Musketeer’s specialists form a mass for the cheesecakes and pre-fry them slightly so that the cheesecakes set. After that, the syrniki are placed in a special foil thermo-dish, filled with natural cream from the separated pasteurized farm milk, and then the syrniki are baked until cooked in an oven.
Syrniki Musketeer-market is a natural product, valuable in microelements and nutrients.
You will not find such syrniki like ours anywhere in the Dnieper.
Buy curd casserole
The most delicate portioned curd casserole can also be bought at the Musketeer Market. Our casserole is loved by adults and young children, so it is baked in portions on the Musketeer, for your convenience. All products, including cottage cheese, are made only to order. That is why it is fresh and delicious. The casserole contains incredibly tasty 9% cottage cheese of our own production based on fresh farm milk. There is an egg, quite a bit of flour for the mold, natural butter, sugar and vanillin. Musketeer’s chefs boil natural cherries with sugar for filling casseroles and bake them in an oven.
Musketeer casserole is made with love and with natural fresh products!
Be sure to try the cream cheese pancakes and the Musketeer Market curd casserole!