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Assorted sweets from the manufacturer
Since 2000 TM “Musketeer” has been engaged in sweets. We produce:

Custom sweets,

What are the advantages and uniqueness of sweets TM “Musketeer”?

Our custom-made cakes are considered one of the most delicious and beautiful in design.
The taste and design of our desserts have long been appreciated by buyers, including ATB and Varus. They are prepared using our own Mascarpone cheese.
Our muffins are filled with filling around the entire circumference of the product with a unique needle dispenser. They are in great demand in the USA, Slovakia, Israel.
All our sweets are handmade only. We have repeated the world famous chocolate bar. They made it 2 times cheaper, and put a lot more peanuts.
We put only natural live fillings of berries and fruits in the pies: cherries, currants, strawberries, peaches, etc.
Restaurant grade cakes. Cupcakes made from unusually soft own cottage cheese have attracted customers for many years.
Our recipe for making gingerbread with ginger is unique and inimitable.
There is more poppy in rolls than dough.
Our Cinnabons are rapidly gaining popularity.
We warn you in advance that they are so saturated with curd cream that they can only be eaten with a fork and knife.
A unique proprietary delivery system allows you to bring hot products – hot, cold – cold.

We are responsible for those we feed!