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Buy minced meat in Dnipro
You can buy minced meat in Dnipro in our Musketeer online store. We offer you premium quality minced meat. Our Suppliers are proven farms that do not use GMO injections and feed. Our mince is not MMO, buying from us you can be sure that it is a natural mince made from meat, not processed bones, offal, leather, emulsifiers. We buy poultry and pig carcasses for you, cut and prepare minced meat from fresh meat on our own.

When ordering products from us, you will receive minced meat of the appropriate temperature in a thermobox, separately from other products. It is important for us not to mix product groups in order to provide you with the flavor of the product you ordered. And not separator cottage cheese or curd cakes, impregnated with the aroma of minced meat.
Buy minced chicken
You can buy minced chicken for preparing various dishes for a daily or festive table. We guarantee the quality of our minced chicken, as we carefully check the chicken carcasses for injection. Depending on the need, we distribute farm chicken carcasses in our production. For example, your favorite perzola is made from chicken thighs, and for crispy chicken we use wings or fillets for nuggets. We use fillets and pieces of meat from the thighs directly in the minced meat itself. Therefore, our minced meat is fresh, aromatic, delicate and natural.

You can appreciate the advantage of our products by purchasing minced chicken from us. Our clients use minced meat for making juicy chicken cutlets, pancakes with chicken and mushrooms. And what incredible meatballs and meatballs are obtained from fresh minced meat! By the way, our clients often share their recipes with us; vegetable casseroles using minced chicken have become the leaders. In the casserole, we recommend not stirring the vegetables, but lay them in layers, alternating with minced chicken. Then you will feel the richness of taste in the combination of the layering of vegetables and meat. And by adding farmhouse pasteurized milk to minced meat, you will give the dish the flavor of country cuisine – like a grandmother in a village.
Minced pork and beef
We prepare minced pork and beef ourselves from cut beef, which we purchase from trusted suppliers, and pork, which we cut at our production. Very satisfying, delicious minced meat is used to prepare various dishes, including: a roll of minced pork and beef in farm milk (we recommend putting boiled quail eggs inside the roll – this will add spice and tenderness to the roll), incredible pasties, juicy kebabs, dumplings and khinkali, and what delicious pies come out of our minced meat – both in the oven and in a pan. Pasta à la Bolognese will give you a gustatory orgasm as soon as you taste the first bite of the dish. And home-style cutlets are truly favorites among the dishes that our customers share.
Buy minced pork
Minced pork is used in a wide variety of dishes. Try canneloni (Italian pasta) with minced pork and mushrooms. And after the minced pork steak in milk, cream, baked in the oven with an egg – a la meat khachapuri – you will lick all your fingers, we guarantee! Homemade pork sausages or minced pork schnitzel, lazy cabbage rolls or zrazy – we love it so much when you share your recipes with us!

We draw your attention to the fact that our own delivery system allows you to bring all products separately, in different temperature conditions!

All minced meat will be fresh and just cooked for you!

We use only natural meat and cut it ourselves!

“Today we did it – today you ate it” – this is our motto!

We are responsible for the quality of our products!