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Restaurant dishes
For many years, observing the development of Internet sales, TM “Musketeer” could not decide to trade restaurant dishes via the Internet project.
Pushed by the Coronovirus.
We have created a barbecue shop.
We bought a circular barbecue to get unusually tasty meat.

We hired 4 great chefs from the best restaurants in the city.
The chefs brought with them a bunch of ideas, one of which was selling first courses in bread. For this we ourselves have developed bread.

Today, in the range of restaurant dishes, we offer:
– First meal,
– Mangal dishes made from natural meat and minced meat,
– Salads,
– All kinds of snacks,
– Second courses from various cuisines of the Nations of the World,
– Natural sauces.

What can we be proud of?

– You will not find such delicious Solyanka, Georgian kharcho, Ukrainian borscht or Uzbek lagman anywhere. We cook all the first courses in cauldrons on live fire, which we can pour and bring to you in bread pots.
– Our pilaf is unique and Uzbek taught us how to make it.
– Our chef does incredible things on the carousel grill. The unique technology of roasting meat gives it a unique juiciness and fascinating taste. It is simply impossible to resist Kebab, Lula-kebab, Meat Sausages, Ribs, Rulka, Vegetables, Mushrooms cooked on this grill.
– We are always ready to please you with fresh classic and exclusive salads: “Caesar”, “Olivier”, “Greek”, “Under vodka” will suit the table of any company.
– A variety of snacks: Forshmak, Young Potatoes, Hummus, Julienne, made from fresh natural ingredients, will satisfy the most sophisticated guests.
– International palette of second courses: Georgian Satsivi, Fergana pilaf, Hungarian Bograch, Hutsul Banosh, Selyanskiy potatoes, Jewish beef will decorate your any holiday.
– You can season any dish of your choice with light various sauces: BBQ, Pesto, Honey-mustard.

In the preparation of all restaurant dishes, we use only natural non-injected meat and poultry!
We buy raw materials only from farmers verified by us!

A unique proprietary delivery system allows you to bring hot products – hot, cold – cold.
We do not use preservatives, stabilizers, and improvers in the project “Christmas Day – Christmas Day”, that is, our restaurant dishes can be classified as a healthy diet.

We are responsible for those we feed!