Buy pizza in Dnipro
You can buy pizza in Dnipro in the Internet-market Internet supermarket of ready-made meals and products. Our pizza is prepared according to Italian technology in the Pompeian oven. This oven is designed with a domed design, which ensures a high temperature inside the oven. Thanks to the unique heating principle, two air currents simultaneously cook pizza at different temperatures. It is this principle of the circulation of air flows that makes it possible to prepare the most delicious Musketeer Market pizza. Only here you can buy pizza in the Dnieper, fragrant, with perceptible notes of fire, with the preservation of all microelements!

You can order pizza delivery. Operators of the Musketeer Market are ready to take your orders from 8 am to 7 pm. When ordering, you can additionally inform your taste preferences – we can add less or more spices, complement your order with a cheese or meat side. You tell us the time during which you want to receive pizza delivery in Dnipro and our pizzerias will prepare juicy pizza for you.
How to order pizza at home
How to order pizza at home? Everything is very simple. On our website, you choose the pizza you like and add it to the basket for ordering. Pay attention to the drinks that you can order with pizza. For vegetarians, we recommend our signature pizza “4 cheese” or “Margarita”. Going to the basket, be sure to indicate the delivery address, the desired time. You can also choose a payment method – you can pay by the terminal at our courier. And voila, your order is already sent to the operator and is being sent to work.
Free pizza delivery
Also, you can order free pizza delivery. To do this, we suggest that you make a preliminary order. If you place an order today before 18:00, then tomorrow, during the day, when receiving pizza, you will not pay for delivery. But please note that delivery is carried out at a convenient time for our couriers, from 10 to 19 hours.
Fast pizza delivery Dnipro
Our technologists have developed a special pizza dough that is incredibly thin. Thanks to this, the pizza is baked very quickly, which allows our delivery service to bring you pizza within an hour and a half. Also, we have improved our pizza, you can order filling the sides with cheese or meat. And it will not affect the speed of Musketeer Market pizza delivery.

Please note that for the preparation of pizza, Musketeer-market uses cheeses based on separator curd of its own production. We make cheeses such as Mozzarella, Brynza, Mascarpone and Philadelphia. These craft cheeses add extra uniqueness to our pizza, which you can appreciate when you buy a pizza from the Musketeer Market online supermarket and receive pizza delivery straight to your home.