Pizza “4 Cheese”

Pizza 4 cheese order with delivery in Dnipro

You can order a cheese pizza with delivery in Dnipro in the Musketeer-Market online store. “Quatro Formaggio” is the beautiful Italian name for the gastronomic classic “4 cheese pizza” with lingering hot cheese.
The recipe for “4 cheese pizza” is not canonical, because in different regions and countries cheeses are used according to the preferences of local residents. When creating the “4 cheese pizza” from Musketeer Market, our pizza makers use our own production of Mozzarella cheese, Dor Blue cheese, Parmesan cheese and hard cheese.
In addition, in addition, we suggest filling the pizza board with Philadelphia cheese, which is also created by the Musketeer Market cheese makers, or hunting sausages.
Our pizza is cooked in the Pompeian oven, which ensures the preservation of all the beneficial trace elements due to the tremendous temperature. And the difference in the upper and lower temperatures will allow the pizza to remain juicy, but with toasted sides. The baked cheese acquires a light crust saturated with the aroma of firewood.
Of course, you can order pizza with a diameter of 30 cm, but “still run twice” – so take pizza with a diameter of 50 cm right away!

“And I was there, I ate cheese pizza,” – A.S. Musketeer.


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