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Order barbecue at home
In the Internet supermarket of ready-made meals and products “Musketeer-market” you can order a barbecue at home. An incredible assortment will satisfy the preferences of the most capricious gourmets. How about a grilled pork knuckle? Do you like meat more tender and less fat? Then your choice is tapaka chicken on the carousel! Fragrant adjika and a mixture of vegetable spices on the most tender chicken meat will simply win you over!
Delivery of barbecue and dishes on the grill
How long ago did you promise your friends to cook your signature lula kebab on the grill?
“Ay, they are already offended, well, listen, brother!”
But we all understand where to find the time, because there are so many things to do!
“Don’t worry, dear! Our brazier is just God lyulya! ”
Lula chicken, pork and beef, pork and chicken!
“Ay, what are you doing to me! It’s incredible! ”
Believe me, your friends will not leave you alone and will pry what you changed in your recipe! After all, we are sure that even on the table of hereditary braziers this dish will take its full-fledged place!
“Wah! We answer!
Come on, order a barbecue at home, and be sure to lyulya! ”
Buy pork shish kebab
Our braziers cook incredible pork kebabs. For example, chalagach is pork on the grill, but not just a kebab made from pure pork pulp, but from pork tenderloin on the rib. This Armenian dish melts in your mouth. We want to pay special attention to two more of our positions – pork neck shashlik and pork shashlik. What are their differences. Pork kebab is juicy pork pulp, which is relatively low in fat, your kebab will be tasty, with a light crust.
Pork tenderloin is the most tender piece of pork and needs to be cooked very quickly, which is why it is ideal for barbecuing on the grill! Pork tenderloin skewers just melt in your mouth!
You can always order a barbecue at home with us!
Homemade sausages on the grill
Well, how can we do without homemade sausages on the grill, because our cooks try to put their whole soul into, and with love they cook your favorite homemade pork and beef sausages, homemade Bavarian sausages and homemade chicken sausages.
Like the shish kebab, which you can order at home, sausages are cooked on a circular grill, which ensures an even degree of roasting and preserves all the useful microelements.
When you meet our delivery service, do not hesitate, immediately run home, open the foil box, first inhale this incredible aroma of the fire, sweat yourself for literally a minute, so that a light lump rolls up to your throat, and grab a sausage. This taste will spill over your tongue, making all receptors flutter with pleasure.
The main thing is to fix the sausages so that your household does not see the loss.
One sausage doesn’t count, right?
This will be our little Musketeer secret;)