Ribs on a carousel grill (1 kg.)

Order ribs on the grill

Only in the online store of ready-made meals and products “Musketeer-market” you can order ribs on the only carousel barbecue in Dnipro! Pork ribs, onions, carrots, the signature Musketeer sauce and Adjika add an incredible aroma to the Musketeer Market signature dish.
There is a queue in Kiev and Lviv to taste such ribs! The residents of Dnipro are simply incredible lucky, because such ribs on the grill will be brought to them right home!
In our workshop, braziers masterfully prepare ribs, this process is so fascinating – fire and constant movement: the dance of ribs on the brazier, like a cobra, fascinates, immerses you in a trance. And like a zombie, you are ready to go for the scent of those incredible ribs!
Having tried it once, you will become a fan of our branded pork ribs on the grill, as well as the entire Musketeer Market team.

Pork ribs on a carousel grill are the most desirable dish on the table of our Clients!
Fragrant, juicy, piquant – they melt in your mouth and satisfy the appetite of the most refined meat gourmets!

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