Chicken tapaka on a carousel grill (1 kg.)

Chicken tapaka on a carousel grill.

Ingredients: Chicken tapaka, garlic, vegetable oil, spices, adjika.

Spiced tapaka chicken cooked on a carousel grill is a must-try!

Delicate delicious meat, fried crispy crust and unsurpassed aroma of chicken on a special grill will not leave anyone indifferent! Only TM “Musketeer” has a carousel grill,

Chicken tapaka on a carousel grill. Where to order in Dnipro?

Traditionally, tapaka chicken is fried in a special dish called tapa. This massive frying pan weighs about 10 kilograms and is equipped with a heavy lid that acts as a press. Such cooking characteristics allow the meat to be completely cooked through and remain juicy on the inside. Many people here call this dish “tobacco chicken”.

Tapa or coals are ideal for a real tapac. If you want to enjoy this delicious dish prepared according to an exclusive recipe from the best chef, order chicken tapaka with delivery from Musketeer in Dnipro.

Marinated in spices and fried on a special carousel grill, it will impress lovers of tender meat and is perfect for a family dinner or a gala event.

“Chicken tapaka on a carousel grill order for free in Dnipro” – this search phrase will help you organize yourself a delicious dinner or lunch!

You can order food delivery, barbecue delivery directly to your home in Dnipro.


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