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Natural dairy products TM Musketeer.
In 1998 TM Musketeer entered the market of Ukraine, USA, Canada, Slovakia, Israel, Georgia … as a manufacturer of ice cream, cottage cheese, glazed curd cheeses, desserts …
The most popular are ice cream “Ditinstva”, “Leningradskoe”, “Paris for two”, glazed curd cakes on a stick, Tiramisu dessert.
The main feature of TM is the West Falle separator, which makes it possible to produce separator curd using German technology.
In the production of cottage cheese according to Ukrainian technology, albumin and globulins, useful microelements that are in the composition of cottage cheese, are released along with whey. With German technology, trace elements remain in the curd. This cottage cheese itself is a delicious product. On its basis TM produces soft cheeses: Mozzarella (pizza), Philadelphia (sushi), Mascarpone (desserts).
You can also order cheese cakes and casseroles.
Only high quality farm milk is used for the production of craft cheeses.
Since cheeses are a semi-finished product for other products, they do not contain preservatives and stabilizers, which allows these products to be classified as a healthy diet.
TM is especially proud of its high-quality farm milk.
Buying our products, you can be sure of their highest quality.

We are responsible for those we feed!