Cookies in an assortment from the manufacturer
Since 2000 TM “Musketeer” has been engaged in sweets. Our cookies are tasty, juicy, made from natural ingredients – we carefully select products for our production.

What are the advantages and uniqueness of TM “Musketeer” cookies?

Only fresh food.
We produce curd mass for creamers and curd biscuits on our own on the basis of separator curd using farm milk
We put only natural live fillings of berries and fruits in the puffs.

Your choice is offered: a juicer with fillings, “Lemon” cookies, cottage cheese-coconut cookies, cottage cheese cookies with orange, chocolate “Cracks” cookies, “Millionaire” cookies, a puff with cherries.

A unique proprietary delivery system allows you to bring hot products – hot, cold – cold.

We do not use preservatives, stabilizers, and improvers in the project “Christmas Day – Christmas Day”, that is, our cooking can be classified as a healthy diet.

We are responsible for those we feed!