Buy craft cheese in Dnipro
You can buy craft cheese in Dnipro in the online supermarket Musketeer Market.
Musketeer Market specialists have developed soft craft cheeses of their own production.

We use Mozzarella cheese in our signature pizzas and salads, especially Caprese salad. This is a young soft cheese, very delicate in consistency. It will perfectly accentuate the taste of other products in the dish or add an incredible delicate aroma to your salad, set off white wine, and as an addition to olives, ham, it will be a great snack on the table.
Mascarpone cheese, sweetish, dense in consistency and creamy, Musketeer Market uses it in the manufacture of its own desserts. Our cheese will suit your taste, especially in pastries and cakes.
The unsurpassed Philadelphia is recognizable in any dish, it is a pasty, soft cream cheese. In our sushi, there is always only fresh Philadelphia cheese of our own production.
Recently, we also produce Brynza. It is a dietary and very healthy product. Especially suitable for those who like salty foods. It can be used both in salads and to make incredible khachapuri and tortillas. And what delicious sandwiches with feta cheese, tomato, cucumber, basil and lettuce!
Natural craft cheeses
You can be sure that Musketeer Market uses the freshest and most natural farm milk for the production of natural craft cheeses. In our production, these cheeses are a semi-finished product, as they are used in the preparation of various dishes, so we do not add any preservatives or stabilizers to natural craft cheeses. Therefore, our cheeses are healthy food products!
We guarantee the freshness and quality of our craft cheeses!