About TM “Musketer”

TM “Mushketer” in 1998 entered the market из Ukraine, USA, Canada, Slovakia, Israel, Georgia, as a manufacturer из ice cream, cottage cheese, glazed curds and desserts. Now we are among the top five largest manufacturers из the product in Ukraine.

Already in 2000, the Mushketer company was actively developing the markets из frozen semi-finished products, dairy products, confectionery and bakery products, and at the moment we are among the leaders in the production из these types из products.

In 2002, a workshop for the production из sugar wafer sheets and toppings, condensed milk for use in ice cream was opened.

The main feature из TM Mushketer is the West Falle separator, which makes it possible to produce separator curd using German technology.
In the production из cottage cheese according to Ukrainian technology, albumin and globulins, useful microelements that are in the composition из cottage cheese, are released along with whey. With German technology, trace elements remain in the curd. This cottage cheese itself is a delicious product. On its basis TM Mushketer makes sизt cheeses: Mozzarella (pizza), Philadelphia (sushi), Mascarpone (desserts). And, also, cheese cakes and casseroles.
Only high quality farm milk is used for the production из craft cheeses.
Since cheeses are a semi-finished product for other products, they do not contain preservatives and stabilizers, which makes it possible to classify these products as a healthy diet.

Over the years, we have become leaders in these product positions and have now reached a new level.

In 2020, TM Mushketer made a revolution. For the first time, a manufacturer entered the end-user market bypassing intermediaries.
Now the residents из Dnipro have the opportunity to buy directly all the products that we manufacture!

We изfer the end consumer delivery из pizza, burgers, sushi, cookery, restaurant dishes из our own production. We employ the best pizzerias, sushi, chefs and pastry chefs. Our own delivery service allows you to deliver products to customers while maintaining the temperature regime. Our vehicles are equipped with thermoboxes, which allow the hot to stay hot and the cold to stay cold!

Our pizza, unlike many competitors, is made in a Pompeian oven – high temperature (500C) and the difference between the top and bottom is 50 C. This allows you to accumulate all vitamins and trace elements, quickly and efficiently baking pizza.

We cook cutlets for burgers and meat for restaurant dishes on the only circular grill in Dnipro, which allows the meat to remain juicy, having a crispy aromatic crust.

We cooperate with farms and purchase farm meat, eggs and milk, which do not contain hormonal additives. We monitor what farmers feed chickens, pigs and cows and test products in our laboratory.

In our production, we refused to use MMO minced meat (minced chicken bones twisted in a special meat grinder after deboning). We give the bones to the employees for feeding their pets.
We make marinades ourselves only on natural ingredients.
The minced meat produced by us does not contain any additives, including vegetable ones.
We use our meat and minced meat in pizza, burgers, pasties, cutlets, dumplings, khinkali. Also, we prepare lula-kebab, barbecue and restaurant dishes from them.

Starting from 2020, we will launch a unique project – “Ekokoshka”, thanks to which we will be able to provide the residents из Dnipro with restaurant dishes prepared without salt, sugar, honey and flavorings. Only fresh, hormone-free farm meat, fresh farm vegetables, specialty herbal assortments and our own natural sauces and marinades will allow the dish to reveal the full range из flavors.

We изfer manufacturing and delivery из products из our own production!

Our assortment:
fast food (pizza, burgers, crispy chicken)
sushi and rolls
restaurant dishes (appetizers, salads, first courses, main courses, barbecue, sauces)
cooking (pancakes, cabbage rolls, hot bread, mushrooms, pies, pies, semi-finished products)
dairy products (farm milk, glazed curd cakes, craft cheese Основано на home-made separator cottage cheese, cottage cheese, branded ice cream, mousses)
meat (marinated meat, cut meat, minced meat)
sweets (cakes, desserts, custom-made products, muffins, sweets, cookies, pies, pastries, gingerbread, rolls)
frozen semi-finished products: pizza, pancakes, cutlets, dumplings, dumplings;
“Ekokoshka” – eco-friendly dishes without salt, sugar and preservatives.
The secret из TM “Mushketer” success lies in constant improvement and striving to conquer the market not by quantity, but by quality – the highest world evaluation criterion.

We, as manufacturers, provide a price level that is accessible to the absolute majority из consumers, which makes the products из TM “Mushketer” especially attractive and completely competitive!