Buy natural sauce
You can buy natural sauce in the Musketeer Market online supermarket.
How often do store-bought sauces, which contain an incredible amount of preservatives and flavors, have a metallic taste in your mouth? And how can you taste aromatic dishes made from the freshest ingredients if you serve store sauces with them?
We recommend that you serve only Musketeer Market branded sauces to your table, believe me, you will feel the difference! After all, we prepare sauces only to order and we can add or remove any ingredient, especially if you are allergic to it. Therefore, we ask you to be sure to write a note to the order regarding pungency, sourness and salinity, because the tastes of each person are very individual.
Which sauce is better for meat and which for fish?
The signature sauce “Barbecue” from “Musketeer-Market” is universal, it is perfect for self-marinating any meat, it is especially good when added to pork and beef ribs, chicken, steaks, meat rolls. Plus, it’s a classic for burgers and homemade pizzas.
Well, “Pesto” “Musketeer-market” suggests using it with fish and meat. By the way, this is the most popular Italian sauce, which is served cold with spaghetti and noodles. Also, it greatly complements meat and fish dishes during oven cooking. Just a few spoons and your dish will sparkle with new taste and aroma!
Sweet and sour sauce
Musketeer-market honey-mustard sauce will perfectly set off the taste of meat, serve as a dressing for salads, add flavor to fish and crispy chicken. This is a very delicate, piquant sauce, with a slight sourness and sweetness at the same time. A real taste pleasure!