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The online supermarket of ready-made meals and products “Musketeer-market” offers salad delivery in the Dnieper. Now you do not need to waste time preparing your favorite “Olivier” or “Herring under a fur coat”. You can spend this time with your family, while our chefs will lovingly prepare your favorite salads from fresh ingredients.
Order ready-made salads
It is very easy to order ready-made salads, you can place an order on the website or call our operator. Among the most popular ready-to-eat salads of our customers, we recommend opting for Caesar with chicken. This salad will fill you up perfectly at lunchtime. It includes parmesan cheese, quail eggs, fresh tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, signature Caesar sauce, chicken fillet and croutons, carefully prepared by our chefs. You will not be served such a salad even in a chic restaurant, because it includes farm chicken grown on natural feed.
Ready-made salads with home delivery
You will be surprised, but in our signature salad “Caprese”, experts of “Musketeer-Market” put the most tender Mozzarella cheese of their own production. This cheese is made from separator cottage cheese with a fat content of 20%. Complemented with tomatoes and fresh basil, this salad will add an Italian touch to your day. We will bring you a ready-made salad with delivery home, and after a delicious, healthy and light salad, you can enjoy a siesta at home.
Delivery of salads to the office
By the way, now there is a great solution for office lunches. Make an order of two salads, for example, Greek salad and Ajap sandal salad with baked vegetables, and each employee can have a hearty lunch with two salads, because we will bring you a kilogram of each salad to your office. You just have to meet our delivery service and start the competition for the fastest eating delicious salads.

Our delivery service works for you every day!