Buy smoked meat
TM Musketeer began production of hot and cold smoked meat, which is very popular among the population. We immediately decided not to use the liquid smoke used today by manufacturers, since it is a carcinogenic chemical element, but to carry out the so-called natural home smoking on chips of fruit trees. When smoking, we use non-injected farm chicken and pig meat. To do this, we buy a whole chicken carcass, a half-carcass of a pig and cut (roll) them ourselves.

Meat smoking technology provides for:
1. Marinating. For marinating meat, we use special marinades developed by us, which give the meat a fragrant unique taste.
2. Directly smoking. Hot smoking of meat is a technologically simpler process. The smoke temperature can reach 100 degrees. With cold smoking, the meat should be kept in a chamber where the smoke temperature is not higher than 25 degrees.

Today we are ready to offer you all parts of smoked chicken, as well as brisket, ham, shoulder blade, bacon, loin, bacon, bacon, carbonate. Smoked meat is not only a tasty treat, but also an opportunity to keep the product in a condition fit for eating for a long time. We fully comply with the technological process, in which the workpiece is salted, dehydrated and dried before smoking. This allows you to keep the meat at a temperature of 5 degrees for a month. When buying smoked meat, be careful, as very often the manufacturer tries to disguise already spoiled meat with a pungent smell of smoke. The popular liquid smoke today leads to a number of serious diseases. We are responsible for your Health!