What is Separator curds
Separator curd Musketeer-Market is curd cooked in a unique German separator by West Falle.
The specialists of the Musketeer Market, the only ones in Ukraine, work according to a unique technology for the preservation of albumin and globulins in the separator curd (with the standard production of separator curd using Ukrainian technology from other manufacturers, during the separation of whey, all the most useful microelements that are very valuable ).
These elements help support the immune system and protect the body from infections. That is why the technology of saving them is very valuable.
The fermented mixture from pasteurized milk enters the separator and the second pasteurization of the curd curd itself takes place at a temperature of 85 degrees. The separator is capable of producing 600 kilograms of curd per hour. After that, the cottage cheese is cooled in special containers and then the cottage cheese enters the refrigerator for storage at a temperature of +/- 2 degrees. Moreover, due to thermalization, the shelf life of the separator curd is increased to 14 days.
Where to buy separator curd
Musketeer-Market offers natural separator cottage cheese in the Dnieper, 20% fat. This incredibly delicate curd consistency has a creamy taste that melts in your mouth. Such cottage cheese is very satisfying, nutritious and, in fact, helps to normalize weight.
Firstly, all trace elements and vitamins are preserved in it.
Secondly, it is satisfying and you can get enough of it faster.
Third, it boosts immunity and relieves stress, which contributes to a lack of overeating cravings!
Also, we want to draw your attention to the fact that the separator cottage cheese Musketeer-market is very useful for strengthening the heart and blood vessels, improving the condition of bone tissue (bones and teeth).
Useful microelements are absorbed as much as possible if the cottage cheese has a high fat content.
Buying separator curd from us, you can be sure of its quality, naturalness and usefulness. We use natural farm milk, pasteurized.
We guarantee the quality of the separator curd Musketeer-market!