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Buy cottage cheese in Dnipro
You can buy cottage cheese in Dnipro directly from the largest manufacturer of dairy products in Ukraine – Musketeer Market, because you will receive delicious and natural cottage cheese delivered directly to your home.
Before you can buy cottage cheese in Dnipro, it goes a long way – from a farm to production facilities. First, our milk carriers collect natural farm milk, which undergoes the first stage of pasteurization. The mixture is immediately leavened. We do not use chemical thickeners – only natural bacteria, which contain a huge number of beneficial microorganisms.
Homemade cottage cheese
In terms of quality and method of preparation, our cottage cheese can be easily compared with homemade cottage cheese. According to the technology, when the curd curd is ready, it is selected manually and warmed up to the fermentation temperature. After that, the curd mass is squeezed out in special bags. Remember how our grandmothers made homemade cottage cheese and hung the mass in a gauze bag? Our cottage cheese is the taste of childhood and care for our customers!
Natural curd
It has long been known how useful natural fermented milk products are for the body, which is why our natural cottage cheese is suitable for those who actively monitor their health. At the production of Musketeer-market, cottage cheese is produced with 5 and 9 percent fat content. This grainy and natural cottage cheese will appeal to both children and adults.

We draw your attention to the fact that micronutrients are especially important for the child’s body for the growth of the bone skeleton. But, we also recommend natural cottage cheese for constant use in the diet for people over 50, when it is very important to stay in good health and maintain physical activity. Eating 200 grams of cottage cheese daily will have a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract, give vigor and energy for the whole day, improve the condition of bones (prevent their fragility). In addition, cottage cheese is very useful for diabetics, it is able to regulate blood sugar and tone the cardiovascular system, reducing pressure and preventing the formation of blood clots in blood vessels. This will reduce the risk of strokes.
Therefore, the Musketeer Market cottage cheese is pure pleasure and benefit!