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Buy farm milk in Dnipro
You can buy farm milk in Dnipro on the website of the Musketeer healthy food online supermarket. In order to place an order, you can call our managers or place a purchase on the website yourself. You need to go to the dairy products section and choose to buy pasteurized farm milk. Milk is served in a non-recyclable plastic food bottle. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we do not store milk in plastic containers, milk is stored in a special tank after pasteurization. Plastic packaging is needed only so that you can take the product home and pour it into the appropriate container for you, if you wish. We always have milk in stock, since almost every day we receive a supply of fresh milk from farms we have checked and send the milk for pasteurization. We do not use any additives, we only carry out the pasteurization process twice – you can be sure of the quality, excellent taste and safety of the farm-made pasteurized milk purchased from us.
Where to buy natural farm milk
In order for you to buy natural farm milk from us, our specialists visited all nearby farms and took milk samples for research in the laboratory. We have selected those suppliers whose milk quality meets our requirements. In addition, we paid attention to the conditions of keeping cattle. One of the key factors for our preference was the absence of GMOs and antibiotics in the feed. There is no starch, water or soda in our milk. You can buy farm milk fresh, high-quality and fatty – we make sure that the fat content is always 4.1%.
Why farm milk is better than store milk
To begin with, we do not recommend drinking fresh cow’s milk, since there is a very high probability of contracting botulism or brucellosis, encephalitis, helminthic infestations, hepatitis A, dysentery and many other dangerous diseases that can affect the activity of the central nervous system and even lead to of death. Selected whole pasteurized farm milk is better than store milk. Often, store milk goes through a sterilization process that kills not only all harmful bacteria, but also all useful ones. In fact, sterilized milk is absolutely useless, since it does not contain beneficial trace elements. Therefore, we recommend buying our farm-made pasteurized milk, in which all the beneficial components are preserved, and there are no harmful bacteria. You can make kefir, yogurt and cottage cheese from our milk. From our farm milk, we prepare your favorite separator cottage cheese – we are the only ones in Ukraine that do not remove whey.
Please note that we recommend storing our milk for up to 5 days. After that, you can drink sour milk or cook on the basis of it the most delicate homemade cakes (pies, pies and much more).

Our pasteurized farm milk is a natural and safe product for the whole family!