Minced chicken fillet (1 kg.)

Buy minced chicken

Today you can buy minced chicken in the online supermarket of ready meals and products “Musketeer-Market”.
You can be sure of the quality and freshness of our minced chicken, because we make minced meat only to order. Fresh chicken carcasses are cut every day in our kitchen. Our chefs make our signature minced chicken from the loins of the brisket and thighs.

Minced chicken delivery

Therefore, when you order the delivery of minced chicken, you will have to wait a little – we never have ready-made minced meat in stock. Our position is only fresh products. Therefore, cutlets and schnitzels from our minced meat will be incredibly tasty. Our clients say that they can distinguish burgers with cutlets on our minced meat even by their aroma, with their eyes closed!
We deliver minced chicken in special sealed containers, in compliance with temperature standards and not bordering on other product groups.

Farm chicken mince

Our minced meat is made from farm chicken! We cooperate only with proven farms whose owners have refused to use genetically modified feed or injections to accelerate the growth of chickens. Therefore, our chicken mince is natural and healthy! You can safely cook meatballs or meatballs for children!
“Musketeer-market” is responsible for the quality of our products and takes care of your health!


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