Bread pot

A bread pot is the opportunity to serve an authentic first course.
Just imagine how the aroma of fresh borscht, rich hodgepodge or chicken noodle soup is combined with a malt bread pot! The first course acquires the exquisite taste of Ukrainian cuisine. The main advantage of serving in a bread pot is aesthetic pleasure. Imagine, you are waiting for guests or relatives, cooked or bought a hot borscht of TM “Musketeer” and served it in a bread pot. You will be able to convey the whole flavor of Ukrainian cuisine – your guests will be in pleasant amazement.

We are trying for you, because it takes us a whole day to create such a bread pot. First you need to bake malt bread, let it brew. And only after that, a pot is born from the bread. And he will have to bake again so that the form remains stable.

The composition of the bread pot: flour, bacmalt, salt, sugar, semolina, vegetable oil, water, yeast.

We also recommend trying serving in a pot and juicy second courses. For example, ojakhuri, pork goulash, Hungarian bograch, smoke or satsivi will look great in a pot!

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