Marinated chicken thigh (1 kg.)

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Very often we get spontaneous decisions to get together with friends or family and cook chicken kebabs at home. And at breakneck speed we rush to the store, as meat takes time to marinate. Now you don’t need to worry!
The online supermarket of ready-made meals and products “Musketeer-Market” has taken care of your comfortable trip to nature, because you can buy marinated chicken thigh from us right now. As soon as you decide to get ready for a barbecue, send your order to our operators. Our brazier will prepare a signature sauce made from aromatic herbs and spices. Be sure to check which spices you may have an allergic reaction to.

So that you can enjoy marinated chicken thigh barbecue, we receive fresh chicken carcasses every day, cut and marinate ourselves right at your request, so you can always ask for more salt, spices or to make the chicken thigh sharper. Our chicken thighs are the freshest because they are not subject to freezing and long-term storage in a marinade – you can be absolutely sure of the quality of our products!
In addition, only fresh chicken thighs will make the most tender kebab!

In our marinade, chicken thigh will satisfy the most sophisticated taste needs!
Order our signature hot bread with the marinated chicken thigh barbecue – it will complement a family or friendly trip to nature!


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